Using Gelatin to Thicken Stews and Pan Sauces

In a follow up to my article about the miracles of stock (AKA bone broth in the Paleo world), I remembered a trick I use when I want to use the stock in a hearty savory stew, or thicken up a pan sauce. This isn’t a new’s actually a very, very old one. Most of my tricks seem to be stolen from people who lived 100’s of years ago, I wonder what’s up with that...

Taking Stock in Stock

I’m home recovering from the flu, the kind of flu that leaves you with no dignity and sees you at 3:00 A.M. on your bathroom floor begging for death. I think most of us have been there. That kind of illness takes a heavy toll on our bodies (and our emotions) and so often we feel we can’t take the time we truly need to recover...

Winter Soup

When the weather turns colder and fresh produce is in short supply I turn to heartier vegetables…. kale, cabbage, roots and tubers. Pulled from storage cellars or your local grocer’s aisles, these are the food that saw our ancestors through the leaner winter months.

Sage, Mushroom and Chestnut Meatloaf

Meatloaf gets a bad rap, and I’m not sure why; it’s a forgiving and easy way to pack a lot of nutrients and flavor into one dish, and you can change it up depending on your ingredients and mood. My version uses the bounty of Autumn’s sage and thyme.

Pecan, Sage and Chestnut Pork Medallions

I cook with pork loin medallions far more than the traditional pork chop. They cook quickly and remain tender, unlike their temperamental sister. I am always trying new recipes with them because they’re so forgiving…this one was a winner, so I’m happy to share it with you.

Green Beans with Fig Balsamic Reduction

Vegetables can be delicious, but I see them mostly as a blank canvas, just waiting to be experimented with. I like this sweet, tangy dressing for green beans, but it would go well with many vegetables and proteins.

Raising Paleo Kids

When I started my Paleo journey nearly 6 years ago, I took my family along for the ride. My two boys, Jack and Sam were 9 and and 7 at the time, and firmly entrenched in the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet)...

Dry Brined, Herb Infused, Round Roast

If grass fed organic is not in your budget, I have another option. We purchase from a local farmer so it becomes much more affordable to buy grass fed pasture raised animals, but there are some cuts I’ll still buy from the local grocer.

Easy Breezy Summer Squash and Potatoes

Bumper crop of summer squash? This simple, rustic dish is my favorite way to use them up. Whenever I serve this, my family eats it first…no matter what else is on the menu.

Paleo Picadillo

The truth is Picadillo is Paleo without any modifications, but I’m sharing it anyway because it’s so amazing. Throughout the Caribbean there are many variations of this intriguing stew, traditionally made with raisins, I make mine with dates.

So You Want to Try a Paleo or Whole Foods Lifestyle….Now What?

When I made this transition nearly 6 years ago, one of the first things that transformed was my kitchen, the next were my cooking habits. Neither of which were what you’d call smooth, I swore…a lot.

Street Hash

Food trucks have taken over a portion of our town with delicious results. We’re lucky to live in a foodie region where farm to table and seasonal ingredients are king.

All Purpose Paleo Flour

Sometimes you need a good flour substitute, I use it for dredging meats or as a binder for fish cakes. I’ve found this recipe to be very adaptable…I mix up a container, store it away, and use it when needed.

Rescue Pot Roast

This is a weapon in my arsenal of getting dinner on the table when I don’t have the time. There’s nothing fancy about it, but when I walk through the door at the end of a long day and am greeted by the aroma of delicious pot roast…it feels like magic.

Paleo Granola

This is for the times you just want a little sweetness in your morning. Full of antioxidant, fiber rich nuts and fruit, this is sweetness you can feel good about.