All Purpose Paleo Flour

Sometimes you need a good flour substitute, I use it for dredging meats or as a binder for fish cakes. I’ve found this recipe to be very adaptable…I mix up a container, store it away, and use it when needed.

Arrowroot is a thickener and one of the easiest starches for the body to digest, it also has the added benefit of being an anti-inflammatory food. Coconut flour is nutrient dense and high in fiber, it tends to absorb a lot of liquid. Almond flour adds a nutty crunch and is good at managing blood sugar levels. Tapioca starch has a neutral flavor and adds a chewy quality to baked goods.

  • Ingredients

    1 cup Almond Flour

    ½ cup Arrowroot

    ¼ cup Coconut Flour

    ¼ cup Tapioca Starch